For centuries cows have been a sacred symbol to humans, in India they are deemed the most sacred being, for Buddhists the calm and tender nature of the cows aligns with their vision for a life well lived. Being a spirit animal the cow symbolises trust and positivity. We as humans have shared a special relationship with them for years, we have co-existed to provide milk and meat for human survival. In return humans have bred and looked after cows across the world. Globally farming is essential for human survival and farms span across countries all over the world, providing food and a way of life for millions. In the United Kingdom alone, Pastoral Farming spans across 69% of the country, producing less than 60% of the food it eats. With UK farming alone employing 1.5% of the population, contributing 0.62% of its gross value to our economy.

There are around 17,000 dairy farms in the UK, with an average herd size of 86 cows in England, 75 Wales and 102 in Scotland, so its fair to say the cattle market is very popular.

It is no surprise that not only have cattle filled our fields but now they fill the walls of our homes too. At The Rose Gallery, in store and online we offer a range of cow artwork, from a range of artists who capture their lovable characters using a range of different mediums, here is a selection below.

Sophie LockwoodHerd they’re coming home!

Mounted £135COWS SMALLEST FILEOur resident artist’s latest artwork. Splitting her time between the gallery and working on pet and human portrait commissions, Sophie is steadily building up her portfolio, some of which are featured on our website. If your interested in your very own commission please contact the gallery.

Nicky LitchfieldBig Softy

Mounted £145

Framed £250

Nicky Litchfield Big Softy

Award winning British based artist whose inspiration developed from her weekends spent on her grandparents farm, whose affection for her animal subjects transcends far beyond the paper, adding warmth to any home. Her distinctive style, using pastels helps portray the many characters of her animals, Big Softy captures the true nature of the Highland Cattle.

Aaminah SnowdonCheeky Cow

Mounted £120

Framed £190

Aaminah Snowdon Cheeky Cow mounted

From North Yorkshire, self taught artist and animal lover Aaminah Snowdon has become very successful depicting wildlife with her own highly recognisable signature style in acrylic. Spontaneous brush strokes, loud, vibrant colours, with humour and eccentricity, capture animals hidden personalities, giving us an energetic, expressive and quirky artwork with quirky titles. Aaminah says, ‘I strive to produce paintings that create smiles and laughter, and that the viewer can relate to.’

Jennifer HogwoodDaisyDaisy Sculpture


Bedfordshire born, Jennifer Hogwood is known for her striking and distinctive paintings of highland cows, The McMoos. With personalities that reflect ours this highly collectable bronze is a popular highland cow and is one member of the much loved McMoo family.




Hayley GoodheadDamien’s Herd

Box canvas £ 515

Framed Box Canvas £640

Hayley Goodhead Damien's Herd board

Touching on the works of famous artist Damien Hirst with this piece, Hogwood cleverly creates artworks that depict animals in a uniquely stylish, witty and striking way-all inspired by well know brands.

Dan CrispMisty Morning

Mounted £399

Dan Crisp Misty Morning

Digital painting at its best, Misty morning is built up in layers, forming depth and a tranquil and refreshing atmosphere which effortlessly connects with the viewer. It doesn’t copy nature but forms a interpretation of the natural world and how light effects it. Each print is original due to its source and is made using a silk screen print method, hand finished using metallic ink and spot gloss varnish.

Debbie BoonBritish Longhorn

Canvas Board £295

Contemporary Frame £440 / Traditional Frame £460 / Premium Frame £510

Artist Proof £1400 / Artist Proof Framed £1750

Debbie Boon British Longhorn board

This is a breathtaking depiction of a British Longhorn. Debbie’s signature style captures animals with energy, nobility, and respect. Using acrylic paints with large brushes and glazes she cleverly works with colour and light to create texture and movement. Debbie’s artwork is sure to stop you in your tracks.

We now offer a 0% interest free finance scheme on all artwork over £250, full details online.  You can find the full collection at


We sell a lot of limited edition prints in the gallery but some of them are more limited than others.  Small print runs are lovely but artists like Kerry Darlington are going one step further and creating hand-embellished ‘unique editions’.  Kerry’s stunning original paintings involve a combination of pattern and story telling with pieces based on myths and fairy tales and whimsical worlds of bright, unusual creatures. She works them into huge narrative works which the viewer can get lost in!

Kerry Darlington La Dolce Vita detail

Detail from La Dolce Vita


The original works are then usually turned into high quality, limited edition art prints so that they are available at a more affordable price to a wider audience.  But rather than just sign and number the prints, Kerry then begins a whole new creative process.  She takes each print individually and embellishes it with little three dimensional, hand-worked additions which add texture and depth. She adds translucent layers, metallic touches and tiny details over the top of the reproduced work. All these embellishments are done in the studio before the final layers of resin are applied on the top. This leaves each print looking very similar in appearance to an original painting but at a much more accessible price.

Kerry Darlington La Dolce Vita details

Owls within La Dolce Vita

The most exciting thing about Kerry Darlington’s unique prints is that they are exactly that – unique!  Whilst some artists embellish their prints simply to enhance the finish, Kerry makes each one slightly different.  No two of the editions are identical and, although many similar elements are used, the colours, patterns and positioning of each element can be completely different.


We are lucky enough to have one of Kerry’s recent works La Dolce Vita on our gallery wall at the moment.  It is one of her distinctive and beautiful tree paintings which are timeless and popular and always sell out.  It is number 93/195 and every time we look at it we see something different. The gorgeous copper swirls and grey leaf print background are other-worldly and then a menagerie of little bright-coloured creatures sit in the branches of the tree.  There are tiny bees and butterflies and even a ladybird by Kerry’s signature.

Kerry Darlington La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita in the gallery

It is a beautiful thing in itself but when we started comparing it to images of other numbers in the run we could hardly believe our eyes!  We are intrigued by the original elements in this unique print;  different coloured bugs, a wide variety of butterflies and birds.  We even found that some other copies have eggs in the nests rather than birds.  One of ours has three very cute baby owls in!

We really love this unusual and highly collectable piece of Kerry Darlington and we don’t think it’ll be here for long!  For further information please contact the gallery on 01604 713743 – for a limited period we are offering 15% off this artwork using code LOYALTY15.

Father’s Day this year is on Sunday 17th June  It is that time of year we thank the male role models in our lives.  Whether that be our dads, grandads, brothers, step brothers, godfathers or any other male role models.  Have a look at our Top 10 artists, with specific artworks that we think would make the perfect gift for any one of them.

  1. Jen Allen

A brand new artist to feature with us this year. Jen captures some iconic comic characters with a stylised, high-impact approach. Silent Guardian, retails at £475 and comes framed in a black wood effect box frame with a white slip on canvas board.

Silent Guardian - Jen Allen

Iconic comic characters from artists Jen Allen

  1. Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake

Every dad is a little sentimental, whether they admit it or not.  These well-known prints from Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake are sure to evoke memories from past to present. May that be your Dad’s childhood or today’s relationship between father and son. It’s not just our dads we have to thank, it’s any male role models that some of us may look up to, those that have changed our lives, maybe our Grandads.  These Collectors Edition Prints will be loved for generations.

Sir Quentin Blake & Roald Dahl - four small foxes

Collector’s edition art prints from Sir Quentin Blake & Roald Dahl


Mr Fox looked at the four small foxes.  The caption reads ‘Mr Fox looked at the four Small Foxes and he smiled. What fine children I have, he thought.’  Just perfect for Father’s day!

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Grandpa

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Grandpa £95 mounted

  1. Tim Bulmer

Tim Bulmer’s detailed cartoons are sure to give any dad a laugh and some not so subtle advice or facts, whether they need it or not.  Here’s a couple for the older generation of dads and the whisky lovers, maybe some new dads too.

Tim Bulmer Whiskey framed

Tim Bulmer Whiskey Limited edition art print

Tim Bulmer How to bring up baby framed

Tim Bulmer How to bring up baby Limited edition art print

  1. Anthony Dobson

We said there was something for every dad out there! And Anthony Dobson brings us his very well-known depictions of fast cars. He captures many iconic races and drivers of Formula One.

Anthony Dobson Into the night Ford GT40

Anthony Dobson Canvas art print

  1. Grant Palmer

Grant Palmer has a beautiful way of creating his sculptures that capture the very special relationships we hold between each other. He displays a range of human emotions in his artwork, from the comfort and love between a couple to the playfulness of a grandfather with his young grandchild. Aeroplanes is £350 and is a cold cast porcelain sculpture.

Grant Palmer Aeroplanes

Grant Palmer Aeroplanes sculpture


  1. Barbara Firth

Barbara Firth captures the very special moments that all parents and particularly dads go through and experience with their children. From putting the children to bed, reading bed time stories, staying awake all night with children that can’t sleep, playing, protecting, caring and loving unconditionally.

Barbara Firth- Little Bear Jumped off Bear Rock

Barbara Firth Little bear jumped off the rock

  1. Iain Faulkner

Iain Faulkner has proven to be incredibly popular with men. Maybe it is Iain’s hyper-realistic depiction of the strong, powerful, well dressed and confident male figures.

Iain Faulkner Paris 7.48pm

Iain Faulkner Paris 7.48pm signed art print

  1. Mackenzie Thorpe

‘Art from the heart’, Mackenzie Thorpe calls it. An incredibly popular, unique style of art with a huge amount of warmth, gentle humour and positivity. Mackenzie’s artworks tend to depict and relate to Family and love, some of which are inspired by his own upbringing.

Sweet Memories, displays the special bond between father and child, may that be of past or present memories. This piece retails at £360.

Sweet Memories

Mackenzie Thorpe Sweet Memories

  1. Tom Butler

Capturing London is Tom Butler’s love, how can you tire of a city with old fashioned charm, bustle and red buses, with all its bright lights. Full of energy and expression these mixed media collages are full of humour and without a doubt inspire our curiosity to look closer.

Silver City, is brand new piece this year and it retails at £795. It is a hand embellished limited edition on paper which gives the effect of an original.

Silver City

Tom Butler Silver City


  1. John Waterhouse

John Waterhouse’s sepia pieces are stunningly evocative and simply take our breath away with the detail and beauty. They are honest and portray the country as it is and can be. With dusky tones combined with pops of colour in the fields or sun shining through the mist there is an offering of hope, an unspoilt serenity. They never fail to stop you in your tracks.

John Waterhouse Good Life framed

John Waterhouse Good Life

Good Life, retails at £320. It a lovely tranquil family scene, which would make the perfect piece for any home.

Featured above is just a small selection of the artwork available at the gallery this Father’s day and beyond.  We now offer a 0% interest free finance scheme on all artwork over £250, full details online.  You can find the full collection at

Finding that perfect piece of art to adorn an empty wall at home can be tricky.  Sometimes you just need to see it for inspiration.  Here we capture the best selling limited edition prints from the gallery thus far in 2018.  Each of the artists that created these popular pieces have significant collections of work – it is always fun to try & predict which are going to sell out faster than the rest of a portfolio!  We hope they provide inspiration, each is part of a limited edition print so once that edition is sold through they become more & more collectable!  Please do contact us is if any are of particular interest & we can provide more details, full details can be found on our website –

In no particular order …

Sam Toft – A Pink Day

Sam Toft A Pink Day

Mr Mustard in a very pink world

Sam Toft is one of our most popular artists at the gallery.  She has created a world around her eccentric protagonist Mr Mustard – a lover of animals & of course his wife!  The lighter side of life is perhaps what draws us to his world, after all who would not want to be awash with pink!

Aaminah Snowdon – Cheeky Cow

Aaminah is a young artist with a passion for wildlife – her style of drawing is loose & carefree capturing a sense of expression and character in the animals she paints.  We were lucky enough to host Aaminah in her first solo exhibition in March 2018 – her popularity in the gallery has soared in recent months.  Cheeky Cow has proven consistently popular with customers, so much so that it is now almost sold out as a limited edition print.  If you want one – click here!

Aaminah Snowdon Cheeky Cow mounted


Doug Hyde Making Memories

Doug Hyde is one of the UK’s best loved contemporary artists & recognised by many for this unique characters. Making Memories is part of a 2018 collection of signed limited edition prints – it is unashamedly sentimental with a broad appeal.  The scrabble like tiles will forever have a connection of family for me which is perhaps why this artwork has proven just so popular.  How long until Christmas?

Doug Hyde Making Memories

Doug Hyde Making Memories signed print

Jennifer Hogwood – Daisy

Jennifer Hogwood is the talented creator of the McMoo family – a delightful group of Highland cows.  The McMoos are a celebration of family with Clyde, Heather, Angus, Fab & Daisy.  The mother of the family (Heather) is completely sold out making Daisy now the most popular sculpture.

Much as I can see her appeal with the gorgeous daisy chain in her hair for me who could beat Fab (remember the lollies!).

Sir Quentin Blake – Matilda (Roald Dahl)

The Roald Dahl illustrations by celebrated artist Sir Quentin Blake have for many years been part of a best selling collection of work in the gallery.  The longevity of Roald Dahl’s books is unquestionable having in 2016 celebrated the centenary of his birth.  Matilda was brought to life by Quentin Blake – later depictions of the character will forever be crafted from his illustrations.  For me, it is the captions that accompany each illustration that truly capture the imagination & make the artwork so relevant for today.   The text on our best selling artwork for 2018 reads

‘Her own small bedroom now became her reading-room and there she would sit and read most afternoons…The books transported her into new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives’.

Roald Dahl Matilda

Roald Dahl Collector’s Edition Matilda

Jenni Murphy Making a splash

Jenni Murphy is a successful contemporary artist whose artwork often has a slightly dream like quality & almost always is full of minature figures.  Perfect for the Summer of 2018, Making a splash has plenty of little people – a world of figures enjoying the fun of the lido.

Jenni Murphy Making A Splash mounted

Jenni Murphy Making a Splash


Debbie Boon Mountain & Moorland

Debbie Boon Mountain & Moorland

Debbie Boon Mountain & Moorland

Debbie Boon held a very successful exhibition at the gallery towards the end of 2017.  It was a pleasure to fill the gallery with her limited edition prints, Artist Proofs and Original paintings.  Mountain & Moorland remains a favourite from this collection, perhaps because of the depth of colour – the perfect centre piece for a room.

Please do get in touch with us if any of these artists or works of art appeal to you.  We offer a free home consultation service from the gallery in Northampton & are always happy to help and advise where possible.  We can be contacted via email at or by phoning 01604 713743.


We’re big on hanging (and then rehanging) at the Rose Gallery. But if you’re not in a Gallery environment, how should you display your art collection?

One big piece can look amazing as a focal point in a room. In fact, even a small space can usually fit a bigger painting than you might imagine. This gives the dramatic, uncluttered finish which interior designers love. Large paintings are particularly successful above sofas and often get rid of the need for patterned wallpaper (although we do love a dramatic contrast too!)

Auction Day

Iain Faulkner artwork at home

We also love geometrical hanging – two things the same size together as a pair can look stunning. Three in a row? Even better! This style of display looks great with similar things framed in the same mounts and mouldings to draw them together into a coherent display. Careful measurement is then required to make sure that they sit straight and even on the wall.

Dan Crisp at home

Dan Crisp Limited Edition Screen Prints

A gallery wall selection of smaller things can also look amazing. These can be made up of a wide array of things – paintings, prints, photographs – framed in the same frames or in similar colours of moulding. The current fashion for a hotch-potch of different frames is something we love too: you just have to commit to an eclectic look!

However you hang, a good starting point is to hang slightly lower than you think. Gallery lore has it that the eye-level of an average height person is a magic 57 inches from the floor and that is where the centre of a painting should sit for best viewing. Of course this depends a little bit on the proportions of your room and whether there is furniture below. As a general rule, though 57 to 63 inches is a good starting point for hanging.

If many things are to be displayed together, the 57 rule can be used for the first piece and the others can be arranged offset around it – laying things out on the floor first can be a good way to find out what works without having to invest in a big pot of wall filler!

Roald Dahl Matilda

Roald Dahl Collector’s Edition Matilda

We are always happy to advise you on hanging. We can arrange for your eclectic art collection to be re-mounted and framed to look even better together. We can also source matching pairs or even trios of prints or paintings if you are looking for a triptych! We also have lots of large original prints and original paintings and would be delighted to help you find the perfect thing for your space.  You can contact us by calling The Rose Gallery on 01604 713743 or emailing

To hear an artist explain how they have conceived and produced a piece of art, which has captured my imagination and brought a wide smile to my face, never ceases to amaze me. I always wonder “How can they do that?”

That’s why I’m really looking forward to meeting Aaminah Snowdon –  because her work always makes me smile.  Little Scamp is just one of her brand new releases for 2018 – available to view at the exhibition & online.

Aaminah Snowdon Wildlife artist

Signed limited edition artwork


I know Aaminah has a real passion for animals and has done so since she was young. When I interviewed her in 2016, just after we started selling her artwork in The Rose Gallery, she told me that she had been brought up around British wildlife and because of this, with time, she found she was able to see the personalities and traits of each animal. I think it is the spirit of their personality which her artwork captures.  Aaminah continues to donate part of her income as an artist to animal charities – her love for the endangered hedgehogs recently in the news headlines is captured in her paintings.

Aaminah Snowdon Art Prints

Signed limited edition artwork – Prickles

Although completely different in style, Beatrix Potter’s beautiful illustrations of the characters from her ‘little books’ convey the personalities of the animals – not just what they look like. Their personalities still resonate with us today and no doubt when the new film comes out next month, James Cordon will make an excellent job of portraying Peter Rabbit’s personality.  Aaminah cites Beatrix Potter as one of the artist’s that have previously inspired her own work.

Beatrix Potter art illustrations

Beatrix Potter – Peter Rabbit illustrations

Could it be that this is the X Factor of art? The ability to portray the essence of a character? Of course, whilst there’s obviously no secret ingredient in the making of a wondrous piece of art, everyone knows it requires a lot of talent and many, many hours of study and hard work.

I’m delighted to announce that Aaminah is coming to The Rose Gallery in Northampton on Saturday 24th March for an exhibition of her work, including some of her recent originals.

Art exhibition

Aaminah Snowdon Art Exhibition – 24th March


I would love you to join me and meet this talented artist. If you’d like to come, please email to reserve your free place or book your ticket via Eventbrite 


February marks a month of love in our calendars – the cold short days of winter find some relief in a celebration of human emotion on 14th February.  This day has become synonymous with many symbols of love – many dating back through the centuries.  Here we look at the origins of some of these symbols & their continuing significance today.

Sam Toft Art Print

Signed limited edition print – released Jan 2018

The colour red has for a very long time been associated with love & passion.  Interestingly red is also a symbol for danger and anger, reminding us perhaps how strong our emotions can run when we are in love.  Sam Toft’s latest release, timed to be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, reminds us more of a quiet & enduring love rather than the height of passion between Mr Mustard & Violet (not forgetting Doris of course).  A loving embrace and the sentiment ‘I will always love you’ has captured the hearts of many Sam Toft lovers, is it the quiet contentment on Violet’s face that brings us joy?

Love in this day and age can take many different forms – the love we feel for our pets can be such a pure form of love, maybe because their love for us in unconditional.

Doug Hyde Art Print

Signed limited edition art work

Head over Heels is a phrase commonly associated with the early stages of being in love – a time when the world is turned upside down as our views & perceptions can change so rapidly all because of the influence of one person!    In Doug Hyde’s new release ‘Head over Heels’ is the perfect title to his artwork having also the connotations linked to dog walking & walking to heel!

The artwork incorporates an abundance of red floating hearts – hearts are one of the world’s most familiar love symbols.  The use of the heart as a symbol of love is centuries old dating as far back as Aristotle in the 4th Century BC who declared the heart to be our most important organ.  At the centre of our bodies it was deemed to provide vitality, intelligence, motion & sensation.  The association with romance and courtly love developed over the centuries & was particularly popular in the 18th & 19th Century when the heart even became a symbol on the playing card suit.

Mackenzie Thorpe signed print

Mackenzie Thorpe Signed Art Print

Gathering love is a delightful new piece from renowned British artist Mackenzie Thorpe.  It can be appreciated on many different levels – the brooding skies remind us that the course of true love never did run smooth, the famous proverb from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  But surely the test of true love is in overcoming such problems?  The hearts growing in the field are symbols of our need to nurture & grow love from its first seeds of feeling – a beautiful gift of art for Valentine’s Day.

Below is a short film by Mackenzie Thorpe discussing his own interpretation of his artwork & the importance of giving & sharing love.  Picking the hearts is a symbol of that gift of love in a selfless act – not seeking anything in return.  It is always fascinating to listen to the artist behind the works of art.

Valentine’s Day has interesting origins & ones that we would not necessarily associate with the symbols of love for which it is known today. St Valentine, a Roman Catholic priest, was said to have married young couples in secret – a practice forbidden by the ruling bodies who believed that young men became ineffective soldiers & preoccupied by their young brides when married.    He was executed on 14th February 269AD.

Not all Valentine’s related artwork needs to be sentimental – as this next piece from Anna Hymas demonstrates.  Apples most commonly known for their association with the Garden of Eden & temptation are also frequently depicted in paintings of the Goddess Venus, a symbol of fertility.

Perfect for a more contemporary view of love – tongue in cheek!

Anna Hymas Signed Art Print

Signed limited edition art print

Signed limited edition print – released Jan 2018

The launch of a brand new George’s Marvellous Medicine art print this week has led us to ponder on the meaning & relevance of the name ‘George’ in today’s world.

Georges marvellous medicine

Special Collector’s Edition artwork – Sir Quentin Blake

George was the fourth most popular boy’s baby name in the latest statistics from the Office of National Statistics released in September 2016.   George has also consistently appeared in the top ten favourite boys’ names over the past ten years.  This is perhaps not surprising given the influence of famous people both alive today & figures from history that all play a part in deciding the names of our offspring. George has very many connections with royalty, with six British kings to date bearing the name.  King George VI who reigned between 1895 and 1952 is considered the most famous of our George monarchs.  He was on the throne during the difficult years of World War II, standing alongside Winston Churchill.  George VI preceded Queen Elizabeth II, who has reigned for the majority of the lifetime of those alive today.  The name is sure now to remain a popular choice for future generations with the arrival of Prince George – a first son for William & Catherine.

Royal George names

Prince George

Whilst George is a name favoured by the royals, we should also not forget the US presidents who have held office over the years.  George Washington was the first ever US president, followed years later by George W Bush.

Perhaps the most famous celebrity bearing the name George is George Clooney.  It is not hard to wonder why many mother’s would want to name their infant son after the accomplished (& very handsome) actor!  As Mr & Mrs Clooney await the imminent arrival of their twins it will be interesting to learn of the names chosen for these babies! Maybe George Junior & Matilda!

Roald Dahl & Quentin Blake Matilda

Special Collector’s edition Matilda art print

The name George is from Greek descent meaning farmer or earthworker.  An interesting name for Roald Dahl to have chosen for the central character in his book ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’.  Dahl’s book which is so beautifully illustrated by Sir Quentin Blake was first published in 1981.  It tells the story of how eight year old George seeks a remedy to treat his grandmother’s grumpiness, to this end George goes about concocting a special recipe medicine to cure his grandmother of her bad-temperedness.

One of the most memorable quotes from the book relates to the potion George produces ‘Quite simply he was going to put in everything‘.  The image this creates brought to life by Quentin Blake’s illustrations captures the imagination of generation after generation of children.  The success & enduring quality of Dahl’s story must in part be due to the illustrations.

Roald Dahl & Quentin Blake

Collector’s edition artwork

The central character in Roald Dahl’s book is not the only fictional character to carry the name George.  ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ was released as a film in 1946, the film revolves around the human spirit & struggles of George Bailey.  Still regularly shown on TV, this film remains a firm favourite for Christmas viewing.

Slightly more contemporary is the father of the family George Darling, a creation from Peter Pan.  Peter Pan was released in 1953, only seven years after It’s a wonderful Life.

Peter Pan

George Darling – Peter Pan

Our final fictional George brings us right up to date with George Weasley, JK Rowling’s character from the Harry Potter books.  Born on April Fool’s Day George Weasley is well known for being a prankster – a characteristic more in common with Dahl’s George.  Which brings us back to where we started.  Our favourite George?  Well it has to be George & his marvellous medicine – a perfect tale for today’s children.

The Rose Gallery sells all of the Roald Dahl/ Sir Quentin Blake Collector’s edition artwork, with prices starting from £85 these make the perfect gift or keepsake for both children & adults.  Full details can be found on the website or in our gallery in Northamptonshire.



Roald Dahl George's marvellous medicine

George’s Marvellous Medicine – art print

The bluebell season is upon us, the perfect time to share with you some of the artwork inspired by these magical flowers and to reveal some of the secrets of the woodland species.

Bluebells are traditionally a symbol of humility and gratitude, members of the lily family of flowers they are an artist’s dream in part because of their natural habitat but also due to the vibrancy of their colour.  Bluebells are most often found within woodland walks in the UK – the light and shade cast within the trees makes them perfect for an artistic eye.  Paul Evans is best known for his bluebell pieces and these are always the images within his limited edition collection of prints that sell out first.

Paul Evans Limited edition prints

Paul Evans Colours of Spring Limited Edition print

Colours of Spring is the most recent signed print from Paul Evans – almost sold out, this piece captures the carpet of bluebells in a more abstract style than some of his earlier works.  The rape seed fields in the background intensify the vibrant colour of the bluebells.  A stunning image – Paul Evan’s landscape art brings the countryside inside any home.

Paul Evans signed limited edition

Paul Evans Springtime Woodland

Springtime Woodland better captures the light and shade of the carpet of bluebells deep within the woods.  It is thought to bring bad luck to walk through a mass of bluebells – it might disturb the fairies!

Bluebells have been linked to fairies over the generations – the thimble like shape of the flower is said in folklore to be used to summon the fairies to a gathering.  When the bluebell rings to summon the fairies for any human hearing the sound it would be there death knell!

Sherree Valentine Daines uses the beauty of the bluebells to capture the innocence & magic of childhood in her recent release – ‘Hand in Hand’.

Sherree Valentine Daines limited edition print

Sherree Valentine Daines Hand in Hand

Sherree Valentine Daines artwork reminds us of a more innocent age.  The splash of colour introduced by the bluebells brings these beautiful images to life.  Another example of the use of bluebells in Sherree’s artwork is  ‘Picking Bluebells‘, although isn’t picking bluebells meant to bring bad luck?

Sherree Valentine Daines Picking Bluebells

Sherree Valentine Daines Picking Bluebells

Below is an extract from a poem by Anne Bronte titled ‘The Bluebell’ – it captures some of the magic of this beautiful flower

‘A fine and subtle spirit dwells

In every little flower, 

Each one its won sweet feeling breathes

With more or less of power.

There is a silent eloquence 

In every wild bluebell

That fills my softened heart with bliss

That words could never tell.’

We finish with a piece by John Waterhouse – the magic of this wild flower is captured perfectly in this serene image from one of our most talented artists.

John Waterhouse Bluebell Wood board

John Waterhouse Bluebell Wood

For further information on any of the artwork featured above please contact the gallery on 01604 713743 or email us


Introducing our caption competition to WIN a signed Sam Toft limited edition print!

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Good luck & be creative!

View Sam Toft’s full collection here

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